Introduction to Heartland Response

In 1994, Gary Adams had an experience that kept him up through the night writing a plan for disaster relief and emergency management for the faith-based community in America. He was confident that this plan was from the Lord and he has diligently worked toward fulfillment of this plan. As a result of his experience in emergency management and disaster relief, Heartland Response came into existence. 

Heartland Response was formed for the purpose of uniting individuals and non-profit organizations to prepare for any form of crisis or disaster by working together to cover all areas of emergency and crisis response. Heartland Response conducts workshops, hosts conferences and provides speakers at public and private gatherings to teach preparedness, disaster response and recovery, and crisis management. 

Heartland Response is in the process of developing a state-of-the-art, faith-based Compassion Coordination Center designed to facilitate networking of agencies, organizations and entities and individuals involved in crisis response and recovery. The Center is located in Denton, TX. The Center will have the capability to fully administrate logistics, humanitarian aid and recovery efforts along with all functions of incident response and recovery through technologically advanced operations systems. 

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Our Vision

 The vision of Heartland Response founder Dr. Gary Adams is to establish a national state-of-the-art Compassion Coordination Center and a Compassion Training Institute in Denton, Texas which will serve as a model for future strategically placed regional centers. The national center will provide essential coordinated networking and training capabilities for coalition member agencies, organizations, entities, and individuals. 

Our Mission

Heartland Response is a non-profit emergency and disaster response organization focused on preparing, training and educating in the disciplines of emergency management, disaster response and recovery as well as other forms of compassion care. Further, the mission is to facilitate unity among disaster and crisis response entities, churches, synagogues, businesses and individuals throughout the faith community.

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