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Our Vision

The vision of Heartland Response founder Dr. Gary Adams is to establish a national state-of-the-art Compassion Coordination Center and a Compassion Training Institute in Denton, Texas which will serve as a model for future strategically placed regional centers. The national center will provide essential coordinated networking and training capabilities for coalition member agencies, organizations, entities, and individuals.

Our Mission

Heartland Response is a non-profit emergency and disaster response organization focused on preparing, training and educating in the disciplines of emergency management, disaster response and recovery as well as other forms of compassion care. Further, the mission is to facilitate unity among disaster and crisis response entities, churches, synagogues, businesses and individuals throughout the faith community.


Dr. Gary Adams understands the importance of meeting the needs of individuals in crisis. For over 30 years he has assisted in crisis management and disaster response, providing a long list of services for those in need.

Dr. Adams is an author and minister. He is Founder/Director of Heartland Response, an organization dedicated to assisting in meeting the needs of people in crisis. He has a passion for educating and training leadership in both corporate and ministry organizations. He has specialized in teaching Bible, Emergency Management and disaster response/recovery both nationally and internationally. He began teaching disaster response and emergency management from a Christian worldview while a faculty member at Ecclesia College in Springdale, Arkansas. He graduated with honors from Ecclesia College, Springdale, Arkansas in 2007 with a Bachelor of Christian Ministries and a minor in Emergency Management. While there, he developed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Management which was approved by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. In 2011, he graduated from American Public University with a Master of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management with honors. For his work in disaster relief and offering humanitarian aid around the world, he received a Doctor of Literature, D.Litt. (Honorary) in February, 2012 from Florida Beacon College and Seminary. He currently serves as a faculty member of Taongi National University (TNU) in Liberia. During the course of his studies, he obtained and maintains a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism certificate (CMAS). He has been involved for forty-eight years in active ministry, many of those years as a pastor, and in foreign and domestic missions. He has experience in the administration of faith-based agency development and effective execution of humanitarian aid programs. He has experience in disaster relief work and provision of humanitarian assistance throughout the Americas, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. His broad background includes law enforcement and federal disaster assistance. Dr. Adams held press credentials in the 1980’s and participated in radio and television talk shows on Central American affairs. He served on the Board of Governors for the American Coalition of Traditional Values (ACTV) with Dr. Tim LaHaye. He is a Senior Consultant in Emergency Management for Alpha Omega Solutions, LLC (AOS), a security consulting company providing solutions for all aspects of global security concerns. 

Dr. Adams and Ruth, his lovely wife of 55 years reside in North Central Texas. They have three grown children, fourteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.


Mark Adams has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement as both a local and state officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Mark has worked as a Tactical Flight Officer in the Aircraft Operations Division as well as a Special Agent in Criminal Investigations. Mark has experience working dignitary physical protection for corporations, celebrities and church groups around the world.  Mark’s experience includes advanced training in emergency management operation and threat mitigation.  Mark is a Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist through the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board and is also a master certified peace officer.  Mark has vast experience in force protection and training for response to active shooters. Mark is a state certified instructor with over 3000 training hours and was a certified defensive tactics instructor. Mark has received advanced training on National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) through the Department of Homeland Security and has received numerous commendations for exceptional performance through the course of his career.  


 Greg Jeffers has over 25 years of combined experience from the military and law enforcement which included 7 years as a special agent with the US Secret Service. During military service with the US Navy, Greg collected intelligence for the Naval Security Group Activity being awarded a Flag Letter of Commendation for exceptional performance.  After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Greg worked as a Texas State Peace Officer while employed as a Texas Game Warden.  As a special agent with the US Secret Service assigned to the Los Angeles Field Office Greg investigated financial fraud cases before being assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  As a member of the JTTF, Greg received three Directorate level Letters of Appreciation from Director Robert Mueller of the FBI for his efforts during the investigation, take down, and prosecution of a key terrorism target of the JTTF.  While stationed in Los Angeles, Greg completed protection assignments to include conducting numerous lead advances, site advance assessments, protective intelligence advances, and shift agent protective assignments.  In addition, Greg successfully investigated numerous threats to the President, Vice President, and other dignitaries under Secret Service protection. In his current capacity, Greg is part of a national strike team that provides force protection for search and rescue teams that are providing emergency response services during natural disasters.


Daniel H. Wermuth II was born June 24, 1963 to Daniel and Marlene Wermuth in Durand Michigan. Daniel’s Parents were both Ordained Ministers of the Pentecostal Church of God. This afforded him the opportunity to be involved in ministry from a young age. With a call to ministry at age 16, Daniel pursued ministry with a passion. Preaching and speaking with every opportunity afforded. Working with his parents in their ministry in St. Joseph Michigan was the foundation of ministry to which everything else would be built. Upon high school graduation, he continued ministry training at World Harvest Bible College in South Bend, Ind. Dr. Lester Sumrall, Chancellor and Founder. An internship at Bethel Tabernacle in Jackson Michigan and subsequent marriage in 1994 to Cindy Wilson of Berrien Springs Michigan began a new season of life. Just after the birth of their first born son, Daniel III in 1986, they moved to Traverse City Michigan to serve with Daniels parents in ministry. Associate Pastors with an emphasis in youth and worship. In the spring of 1988 Dan and Cindy introduced a new evangelistic ministry to children through Church camps, conferences and Crusades. In November of 88’ David was born to the household. Yet serving in Evangelistic ministry the Wermuths maintained a home base of ministry with Mt. Zion Family Worship Center in Traverse City, MI. November of 1989 the Wermuth were asked to serve as Lead Pastors of Bethel Tabernacle in Jackson. There the Wermuth’s established Bethel Bible Institute, launched new ministries, among which were a local media ministry and began their international ministry. In 1994 their third son was born, Zechariah. Daniel served the Michigan District of the Pentecostal Church of God as Corporate Secretary before his move to Joplin. As Apostolic leader of Christ Church Ministries, Daniel and Cindy are advanced trained prayer ministry counselors with Elijah House Ministries. With market place experience in the Education and Employment arenas, Daniel has enjoyed varied opportunities to serve in Kingdom capacities.

After 17 years of Pastoral ministry in Jackson, the Lord brought an assignment change from Michigan to Missouri in the spring of 2005. Daniel currently serves as the Apostolic Voice and Lead Pastor of Joplin Family Worship Center and as the Chairman of the Joplin Area Ministerial Alliance. He is seated on the Board of the Missouri Reentry Program, Board Member of the Hope House Ministries in Joplin, seated on the Board of the Jasper County C.O.A.D. and the Joplin Homeless steering committee for the City of Joplin. Board member of the Jasper County Diversion Court Advisory Board. Daniel is a co-founder of “The Heartland Alliance” Rescue, Resource & Renew.  Daniel is pursuing a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. He is the Executive Director of the Resource Center located at JFWC for the recovery process from the Tornado of May 22nd 2011 and Directors of the Healing Rooms ministry in Joplin. Daniel is a psalmist and functions as a prophetic voice. The Apostolic call with Pastoral anointing has enabled him to transition congregations through some very difficult seasons. Daniel is an avid collector of books and ministry training materials. A scuba diver and dog lover. He is a devoted husband and father. In October of 2016, Joseph joined the family. orphaned in life and placed in their care, he officially became a Wermuth. The Wermuth’ are career level trained and licensed, advanced trauma certified, Missouri Alliance foster home. They continue to provide foster placement to additional children. Pursuing the Great Commission with Great Passion for the Great Commandment. Caring for the least of these…