Heartland Response Compassion Training Institute

· Preparing others spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally for crisis

· Establishment of the Compassion Training Institute

· Development of Heartland Response Chaplains Corp

· Providing training and education in areas of incident and crisis response/recovery methodology

· Development of a global air, land and sea Logistics Outfitting Group (LOG) designed to respond to the logistical demands of national and international incidents

· Development of a worldwide volunteer networking group(s)

· Development of high-tech capabilities in administration, coordination, and implementation of response, recovery, and rapid deployment of personnel and resources

· Development of mass-media means and outlets

· Development of food and shelter programs

· Development of programs to meet needs of widows and orphans

· Development and deployment of Medical Response Teams

· Development of a resource support base and professional network for all Heartland Response Compassion Coordination Center operations