1. What is the J2 Project?

The title J2 Project comes from Joel chapter two. The J2 Project is a sustainable, redemptive model for the Church in these days of revival and increasing crisis.  This model exists and functions from a Joel 2 understanding of prayer, community, and justice in times of crisis and revival.  It represents a partnership of pastors, leaders, churches, and ministries committed to transformational revival and awakening in their communities.

2. Who makes up the J2 Project?

The Joel 2 Project members include multi-generational, multi-denominational Christian pastors, ministries, leaders, and believers who know they are called to impact their communities with Prayer, Compassion, and Action in times of crisis and awakening. 

The founding members include United Cry, DFW Prays, Chaplains Ministries Global, Gateways Beyond International, Heartland Response, and Humat. These ministries are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through unified efforts in prayer, revival and preparedness.

Where can I find out more about the J2 Project?

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3. Am I required to deploy to disasters?

No. There are many areas of volunteer service with Heartland Response. Click on the How to Volunteer Tab on this website and and review all Skills  pull-downs.

4. Am I required to become a Chaplain by taking the Basic Chaplain/Basic Responder Course?

No. All volunteers are required to take the basic course in order to gain an overall view of the Heartland Response and Chaplains Ministries Global as related to the J2 Project. Chaplain candidates and Compassion Responders have selective and advanced training in their respective areas of service.

5. Am I under binding obligation or contract of service as part of the J2 Project ?

No. All volunteer  personnel serve in a totally voluntary manner and are in a non-paid, non-binding relationship with the J2 Project Teams. They are not considered employees of any J2 Project or associated ministries.